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Restaurant Berserk


Restaurant Berserk



If you're looking for comfortable yet sophisticated dining in Oslo, visit Restaurant Berserk. It is known for its cosy setup, unique recipes, and wine pairings.


Restaurant Berserk aims at creating a unique dining experience through its innovative recipes. The focus here is openness and comfort while delivering dishes that leave a good impression. Rated as 'comfortable' and 'good cooking' on Michelin Guide, this eatery promises wholesome meals locked with delicious flavours, something they call the signature Berserk experience. The menu comprises seasonal seafood, soups, wine, juices, and desserts. You can opt for individual items or go for a tasting menu. The interior is designed with the open kitchen in the centre surrounded by round tables, so guests can see what the chef team is cooking. It brings a new dimension to the dining experience, especially with the friendly staff and comfortable ambience.


Phone number

47 22 12 05 02



Skovveien 15, 0257 Oslo

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